I moved to New York City from Dallas to earn a Masters in fine art. I stayed in NYC after school and co-founded an alternative space with an art school friend. We made art and exhibited it in our space and other friend's spaces all over the city. I worked for one of my favorite sculptors in order to make ends meet.

I’ve become a graphic and web designer since then and now I live north of the city in the Hudson Valley with my lovely wife and twin boys. I continue to divide my attention between parenting, design, art, music and outdoor activities. I love to ride bicycles, ski, kayak, sail, hike and camp.


This web site was built on responsive templates of my own design and hosted on Amazon S3. My tools are a Mac Book Pro, VIM text editor, Sass, Grunt, Github, Illustrator and Photoshop. The webfonts, Lora and Open Sans, are served up via Google Fonts.